Get Better Together!


Accueil Francophone - 190 Avenue de la Cathédrale |
This six-week program is designed to help people with a chronic illness manage their health. It teaches them to manage pain, deal with fatigue and frustration, and increase their energy level.

Participants learn how to talk openly with their health care professional, solve problems and make the most appropriate choices for their well-being. Everything is geared to help them achieve their personal goals under the best possible conditions.

The program will be offered in FRENCH in partnership with the Wellness Institute and Centre de santé Saint-Boniface.
Space is limited. Registration required.

Please call 204-940-1482 for more information.

We have currently not set any dates for this programme. However, we do encourage you to contact us if the program interests you or if you would simply like to receive further information!

For sessions in English, please call the Wellness Institute at 204-632-3927 or visit the Web site