Towards equitable access to community-based services and primary health care for Winnipeg’s French-speaking population and St. Boniface residents

Winnipeg, Manitoba (June 15, 2017) – Centre de santé Saint-Boniface, a community health agency, is presenting its new strategic plan (2017–2022), which will guide its planning, initiatives and activities during the next five years. The plan will help Centre de santé fulfill its mission, which is to stimulate and support Winnipeg’s French-speaking population and St. Boniface residents in taking charge of their own health and wellness.

At a time when all governments and organizations are seeking to optimize the use of their resources, Centre de santé is no exception.
“Since its inception, Centre de santé Saint-Boniface has recognized the value of partnerships in serving as many clients as possible. This new strategic plan continues in the same direction, still rooted in our mission and in our community,” says Michelle Savard, Chair of the Centre’s Board of Directors.
The strategic plan was developed following a robust process involving the Centre’s Board of Directors, founding members, partners and staff. The plan is based on four strategic focuses: leadership, equitable access, a reputation for excellence and human resources.

The plan aims to:

  • Optimize services through partnerships and collaborations;
  • Provide Winnipeg’s French-speaking population and St. Boniface residents with equitable access to primary health care;
  • Make Centre de santé Saint-Boniface a model in delivering high-quality primary care and community services in both official languages;
  • Ensure a qualified bilingual workforce

“I am proud to have the opportunity to be involved in presenting Centre de santé’s plan with other members of the French-speaking community,” says Rochelle Squires, Minister responsible for Francophone Affairs. “The initiatives presented today will strengthen the important role that Centre de santé plays in Winnipeg and Manitoba.”

The strategic plan highlights Centre de santé’s efforts to continue to meet the needs of the populations that use its services. Accessing primary health care services is not the only way to obtain health information. Centre de santé also offers a variety of wellness activities and programs to provide information and promote healthy habits.