Health at your own pace!

Would you like to get back into shape? “Yeah!”  Lose weight? “Yeah!” Improve your physical and mental health? “Yeah!”  Improve your immune system and ward off disease? “Yeah!” But you lack motivation? “Whiiiine!”  You don’t know how to go about it? “Whiiiine!”  You can’t afford a personal trainer? “Whiiiine!”

Centre de santé Saint-Boniface is offering you the opportunity to work with an exercise specialist who will help you design an exercise program and keep you motivated.

First of all, it’s very easy to find reasons for not exercising. “I’m too busy, I have a sore knee, I have hairy legs…”. The specialist will help you find just as many reasons for exercising and will help keep you motivated until you are able to motivate yourself.

The specialist will begin by helping you find out why you are having trouble getting motivated. Is it because you don’t have the time, money or confidence to exercise? Or do you find it boring, etc.? Once you figure out why, you’ll find a solution together, such as a system that combines physical and social activity, an exercise partner, an activity that costs nothing, etc. And of course, a positive internal dialogue!

“Right! But will I have to run a marathon?” There are as many fitness plans as there are people who exercise. Whether you enjoy walking, running, dancing, swimming or weight training, the coach will be there to help set up your plan and “motivate you to motivate yourself.” “Great! When can I get started?”

To qualify for the exercise specialist’s services, one of the Centre de santé’s doctors, mental health counsellors or nurses will have to recommend that you take advantage of the exercise specialist’s integrated services.

Regardless of whether you have an illness or injury, suffer from depression or simply want to get into better shape, the specialist will find a unique fitness plan tailored to meet your specific needs. “That’s it! I’m coming. After all, I’m worth it!