March: 2020 Nutrition Month

Do you usually eat in a hurry, at the corner of a table, in your car or in front of a computer or TV screen? Do you take the time to cook, enjoy your food and share your meals in good company? March is Nutrition month. This year’s “More than Food!” theme reminds us that healthy eating depends not only on what we eat but also on how we eat.

In today’s society, where everything is going faster and faster, family meals are a tradition that is slowly disappearing. Mealtime is a special time of day that helps strengthen family ties. Rather than reheating a frozen pizza or stopping at the local fastfood restaurant, cook a good meal and enjoy it with your loved ones. Meals provide a great opportunity to discuss the highlights of the day.

Take the time to plan what you are going to eat. Plan your meals for the week. Make a list before you go grocery shopping to avoid impulse buying and purchasing foods that are harmful to your health. Avoid highly processed foods as much as possible.

Involve your children in meal planning. Be creative and enthusiastic. Find easy-to-prepare recipes that take into account everyone’s preferences. Encourage your children to get involved and have fun!

If you find cooking intimidating, limit yourself to a few simple recipes that call for readily available ingredients. Check the Internet for ideas and videos that show the steps you need to follow. Do not hesitate to double your recipes and save the leftovers. You can always freeze them or include them in your children’s lunch the next day. It’s a great way to stay Zen!

March is Nutrition month. Remember, it’s “More than Food!”: become aware of your eating habits and change them if necessary.