Building a Healthy Relationship

You can never have too many healthy relationships. They help us feel calm, safe, and confident. But what exactly do we mean by a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is characterized by mutual respect, compassion, and patience, which allows both people involved to grow and feel good about themselves.

In all relationships, both people try to satisfy their emotional needs. However, one partner may mistakenly believe that he is in a healthy relationship, while he is actually taking advantage of his partner’s generosity. Conversely, one partner may put aside his own needs, and focus completely on those of his partner. However, at some point, an emotional void develops and puts pressure on the relationship. It is therefore important that the couple find a balance and communicate well so both people feel supported and fulfilled.

Some advice for a healthy relationship:

  1. Recognize that relationships require constant effort. The initial passion probably won’t last forever. Keep in mind that anything worthwhile requires effort. And making an effort does not mean the relationship is not healthy. Quite the opposite is true!
  1. Make your relationship a priority. Find a balance between work and family commitments, and the time you spend alone, and together as a couple. Learn to say no to non-essential demands.
  1. Explore the role of your own behaviour in relationship problems. Your partner may be going through a period of emotional imbalance, but remember that it takes two to perpetuate an unhealthy relationship. You therefore have to determine what is important to you and what you can do to create change.
  1. Recognize that your relationship with your partner cannot fill all your needs. Maintain friendships. It is normal for your partner not to share all your interests.

Even a healthy relationship will have its ups and downs. We all go through difficult and stressful times. But if your relationship has a strong foundation and is based on respect, compassion, and patience, the odds are in your favour.