Mental health activity: Gratitude journal

Joy is a very desirable emotion, but it can often be hard to find. We may be going through difficult times in life and our outlook can sometimes become gloomy. Although there is no perfect cure, research shows there is at least one factor that helps prevent depression and also seems to increase subjective joy: gratitude.

Gratitude is recognizing what we have in our lives in order to rediscover the sources of joy that already exist. Sometimes we try to fulfill our desires and pursue goals, thinking these things will make us happy. However, joy is more closely tied to a greater commitment in our life than any external goal or benefit. Gratitude makes us less dependent on conditional joy; it allows us to enjoy the good things and live our joy every day. Here’s how to become more focused on gratitude:

  • Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day.
  • There’s no need to make things complicated. You can feel grateful for simple things.
  • Write in your gratitude journal every day and enjoy your experiences.
  • You can also purchase the My Gratitude Journal app for smartphones.