The Next Generation of Bilingual Healthcare Professionals

Centre de santé Saint-Boniface is a training facility and regularly welcomes medical residents in family medicine. Bilingual medical residents, who are studying medicine at francophone universities across Canada, are coming to Manitoba to complete their residencies − and for many of them it’s a homecoming! Through the University of Manitoba’s bilingual family medicine residency program, these medical residents participate in an internship at Centre de santé during the first year, and a rural internship in Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes and Ste. Anne, among their other hospital internships.

At Centre de santé, medical residents have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired under the supervision of their preceptors − experienced physicians who are already practicing. The preceptors admit that it is also an opportunity for them to learn because these young people arrive with plenty of enthusiasm and ideas, ready to do everything they can to conquer and prevent disease, and promote health.

Of course, clients may sometimes find it a little surprising or even confusing to come to Centre de santé and learn that they will be seen by a medical resident: “I am going to see Dr. who?” However, most clients are very willing to meet the young physicians who are training to become the next generation of professionals who will provide bilingual medical services in Manitoba. They find it very inspiring to see young bilingual physicians striking out on their own. What luck!

In fact, the training program is so successful that Centre de santé also welcomes nurse practitioner students, and nursing, social work, kinesiology and nutrition students. The process is the same and clients receive the same quality of service.

All in all, the program allows the community to participate in the training of future bilingual healthcare professionals. Centre de santé’s clients can proudly say that they are allowing these young professionals to continue to learn and gain work experience. Centre de santé is in fact helping to prepare the next generation of bilingual healthcare professionals while benefiting from invaluable help, which enables it to better serve its clients. It’s a win-win situation for everybody!