Emotional and mental health

Culture-based psychological factors and health

Study of the relationship between culture-based psychological factors and health

Report commissioned by Centre de santé Saint-Boniface (November 2012) as part of the Étude du lien entre valeurs, attitudes, croyances et santé, en fonction du contexte culturel et linguistique [Study of the relationship between values, attitudes, beliefs and health in a cultural and linguistic context] (SSHRC Aid to Small Universities funding). This report looks at the issues surrounding the use of mental health services by African immigrants and refugees, and examines the illness representations.

Lead researchers: Annabel Levesque and Rhéa Rocque (Université de Saint-Boniface)


Act now! For your health

The aim of this innovative project, spearheaded by Centre de santé Saint-Boniface in collaboration with Université de Saint-Boniface, is to promote a comprehensive approach to primary health care in the mental health field in order to support Francophones aged 18 and over and living with mild to moderate depression. To that end, Centre de santé and its partners augment medical services (primary care) with complementary and community ones (primary health care). These personalized services are delivered by an interdisciplinary team of professionals, consisting of a physician, a dietitian, a physical fitness coach and a counselor, and are tailored to the specific needs of participants.

Lead researcher: Danielle de Moissac (Université de Saint-Boniface)
Collaborators: Christine Johnston, Liliane Prairie, Michelle Arpin-Molinksi, and D. Mélanie Saint-Hilaire