Preparing for your pregnancy

Have you decided to start a family and plan to get pregnant in the coming months? Or did you just find out that you’re pregnant?

Stack the odds in your favour to enjoy a worry-free pregnancy and prepare to welcome your new bundle of joy. Being well-prepared will help you reduce the feelings of uncertainty that sometimes arise.

Centre de santé Saint-Boniface offers a free two-hour workshop for those who are thinking about becoming pregnant in the coming months or who are in the first trimester of pregnancy. Their support persons are invited to attend as well. The Preparing for your pregnancy workshop, facilitated by a dietitian and an exercise specialist, will focus on three main topics: nutrition, exercise and mental health. You will receive advice on prenatal care and managing physical symptoms to ensure healthy infant development. The goal is to prepare for the physical and mental changes that occur during pregnancy.

This workshop is the only one of its kind in Manitoba. It is offered in French and in English. It should be noted that it does not replace the prenatal care workshops provided by Centre de santé. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you have on your mind and review the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. By adopting good habits from the start, you will create an environment that will help you experience a worry-free pregnancy, have a healthier baby and enjoy this wonderful adventure.

For further information, please call 204-940-1155.