Seniors have special needs such as housing, access to equipment, recreation, health care and nutrition. Here are some resources that can help seniors make the right choices.

Conseil des francophones 55+

The Conseil des francophones 55+ is a community-based program run under the direction of Fédération des aînés de la francophonie manitobaine (FAFM).

Their mandate is to ensure accessibility and availability of French-language services and programs to the French-speaking population aged 55 years and up residing in Winnipeg. Their goal is to help their clientele maintain autonomy and to help improve their quality of life.

In collaboration with FAFM and its funders, the Conseil works closely with multiple partners within the community.

They offer:

  • Referral and information services
  • French resources and services
  • Emergency Response Information Kit (E.R.I.K.)
  • Recreational activities and exercise programs
  • Information on community and government services

They facilitate:

  • Access to services and activities
  • The promotion of Winnipeg Regional Health Authority initiatives in all aspects of primary health care

The Villa

This video provides a humorous take on the challenges that seniors have to deal with: the dangers of alcohol, drug use, fraud, and many more. It will set the stage for those who work or live with seniors to discuss these issues.

Watch the video

Emergency Response Information Kit (E.R.I.K.®)

The Emergency Response Information Kit (E.R.I.K.) enables specialists to respond quickly to emergency situations. It is ideal for seniors, people with chronic illness, those who live alone or have caregivers, and those with communication problems.

The kit contains the following items:

  • Health Information Form
  • Medication Card – “It’s Safe to Ask”
  • Health Care Directives Form (Living Will) from Manitoba Health
  • Organ Donor Card
  • Sticker to be placed on the outside of your front door
  • Plastic sleeve with a magnet for storing documents on your refrigerator.

To obtain an Emergency Response Information Kit, visit:
Council of Francophones 55+