Training facility

Centre de santé Saint-Boniface is a training facility for bilingual health professionals. It regularly welcomes Family Medicine residents as well as students in various fields of health and thus actively participates in training the next generation of Francophone professionals. It is also recognized as an official bilingual training site of the University of Manitoba’s Family Medicine Training Program. Every year, it hosts Family Medicine students and residents from various universities. Centre de santé also welcomes nursing and social work students, especially from Université de Saint-Boniface, as well as kinesiology, nutrition and nurse practitioner students.

Students and Family Medicine residents learn to work in an interdisciplinary health care environment, which is a specific characteristic of Centre de santé. The Centre is a unique training facility where residents and students can experience a true interdisciplinary environment and learn about each member’s skills and role. In this way, the various professionals learn to work together to make the health care setting ever more effective.

Centre de santé also has the undeniable advantage of providing a place where students and residents can complete a practicum or residency training in French. Not only do students use French when interacting with clients, they also speak French with their colleagues. This enables them to learn health terminology and put it into practice concretely and effectively.

Our residents and students, as well as our health care professionals, are committed to providing quality services safely. Our clients play a very important role in training bilingual health professionals, and we thank them for their participation.