Centre de santé Saint-Boniface is a Francophone primary health centre offering bilingual services to the French-speaking population of Winnipeg and to the residents of St. Boniface. Programs and services at Centre de santé are delivered by an interdisciplinary team.


Centre de santé Saint-Boniface stimulates and supports the French-speaking population of Winnipeg and the residents of St. Boniface in taking charge of their own health and wellness. The Centre collaborates with the community to promote health and to prevent, treat and manage health problems. Given its unique role, the Centre operates in French and provides services in both official languages.


Centre de santé Saint-Boniface is known for its delivery of innovative primary health care services that promote the health and wellness of its community.


Fairness: Our clients must have equitable access to health services in their preferred language, whether French or English.

Respect: We recognize the value and rights of individuals, families and communities in all their diversity and their ability to take care of themselves.

Quality: We offer services that meet the community’s needs through continuous evaluation and the use of best practices.

Comprehensiveness: Each member of the interdisciplinary team contributes their particular expertise to a comprehensive approach, which takes into account all the needs, capabilities and resources of individuals, families and the community.

Transparency: Our decision-making process is transparent with respect to our colleagues, our community, our funders and our partners.


The mandate of Centre de santé Saint-Boniface is to provide primary health services in both official languages through an interdisciplinary team of bilingual professionals. The Centre also promotes the training of bilingual health professionals.

There are two client populations identified in Centre de santé’s mandate:

  1. The French-speaking population living in Winnipeg.
  2. The population of St. Boniface residing in an area with one of the following postal codes: R2H, R2J or R3X.